Meet Our Educators


My name is Sylvianne. I have my Level 3 Early Childhood Development Certification and I am in my third year of being the Program Manager at Bissell Centre’s Early Childhood Development Program. I also received my FLIGHT Certificate from MacEwan University in April 2019. I have been in the childcare field for over 24 years and I am most passionate about advocating for high quality, affordable early learning, and childcare environments. Literacy, inclusion, culture and diversity, parent development, and parent engagement are just some of the aspects I am most passionate about in this field.

In my free time I enjoy camping, gardening, and spending time with my partner, children, family, and friends. I have two small chihuahua pups — Jersey and Mookey — who are spoiled beyond belief. Fun fact about me is I love ladybugs and frogs, especially catching and releasing them!


My name is Fatima and I was born in Djurdjura mountains in Algeria. I moved to Canada in 1976 leaving my 4 year teaching job in a school in Algiers. When growing up I spoke both French and Berber.

I have been an employee at Bissell Centre since 1986. I am very passionate about childcare and because of this I was recognized by the Government of Alberta with the Minister’s Awards of Excellence in Child Development in 2019.

I have worked with thousands of children in my 35 years of employment at Bissell. Each child is unique and has different needs. I strive to meet children where they are and make them feel valued and seen. I tailor their education to their level and want them to feel important.

I am also very passionate about supporting children whose mothers are victims of intimate partner violence. I nurture those children and their mothers who may have experienced some type of hardship, trauma or other challenges in their lives.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, gardening, cooking and baking. I love developing new recipes and sharing food with my loved ones and neighbors and beyond….


My name is Branka and I am a proud mother of two. I was born in Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia). My family immigrated to Australia as a result of the war during the 1990s. I lived in one of Fremantle’s suburbs, in Western Australia, until I moved to Canada in 2005. I have been living in Edmonton ever since.

I have been a member of Bissell Centre’s Early Childhood Development program as one of the preschool educators since 2014.

I value each individual child as a curious and mighty learner. I am proud to be given the opportunity to watch my preschool citizens grow emotionally, spiritually, and cognitively in a safe and diverse environment that encourages learning, creativity, wondering, and independence.


Hi, my name is Yetunde and I am a Canadian of African descent. I am a trained professional teacher, with over 24 years of experience. I graduated from a Bachelor of Education degree in Nigeria at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), with a major in Guidance and Counseling. I have also completed a Level 3 Early Childhood Educator Certification here in Alberta. Not only do I have experience as a classroom teacher but also as a family coach, supervisor, and recently, an Acting team lead.

I am a devout catholic, wife to a supportive husband, and mother to three lovely and beautiful daughters. I enjoy spending time with my family and volunteering for non-profits that offer psychosocial support for those in need. I believe in human rights and I am an advocate for cultural awareness competency. I have always loved learning and advancing my knowledge and proficiency – which led me to take the flight course at MacEwan University! A great joy of mine is imparting knowledge and a positive attitude to all young minds!


Hello, my name is Megan and I am a Childhood Educator here at Bissell Centre. I have been around children for most of my life, as my mother ran a Day home for most of my early childhood and then started it up again during my last year in high school. I also worked for my mom and cared for the children when she needed to take sick days, go to appointments, and took vacations. It was at this time that I began my journey towards a career in childcare (even though I didn’t realize that until later!).

In addition to working at my mom’s Day home, I worked various retail and customer service jobs. But I always felt that something was missing. One day I decided to get a job as a nanny, and that was when I found what my other jobs were missing — children. I felt joy when around children, I loved being able to participate in their explorations and discoveries, as well as supporting their physical, emotional, and social growth. After finally finding a career I was passionate about I applied to the Early Learning Child Care program at Norquest College. Where I received my Level 2 Early Educator Certification.

I love being able to use my skills and knowledge to guide and support children as they grow and develop into mighty citizens of the world.

Cindy (Hyun Jung)

Hello, my name is Hyun Jung but please call me Cindy! I spent my youth in South Korea and moved to Canada eight years ago. I grew up in a large family, always surrounded by my nieces and nephews since they were babies. I love children’s smiling faces so much that I was inspired to study the Early Learning Child Care program at MacEwan University. I am a trained Early Childhood Educator and have attended many workshops. I also took the FLIGHT program, which is Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework. Currently, I am the ASaP leader in our Centre and I am excited to take on this role as well.

What I like most about my role is co-learning. I am learning with our children and I discover every day how creative and imaginative they are. Every child is a capable, curious, strong, and creative learner. I believe that our children are learning the most through play, and I love to plan unique arts and hands-on activities.

In my free time I like to go hiking and traveling. I live with a black cat, whose name is Coco. He is very shy, but sweet, and if you see him you will fall in love with him like me! I also enjoy spending time with my sister’s family and their son Oliver. My nephew Oliver will be turning two years old soon.

I am so happy to be a part of Bissell Centre’s Early Learning Childhood Program team!


My name is Michelle and I love being able to spend my days hanging out and having fun with babies. I first began working in a daycare in 2011 as a floor staff, which gave me the opportunity to experience many different age groups. Every age has positive elements about them, but I really enjoy being able to interact with infants and babies.

I am a mother of two and I empathize with parents bringing their babies into daycare for what may be the first time. Trusting someone with your most precious possession could be very daunting. For me it was one of the hardest things I have had to do so I find it very important to promptly create a bond. This helps to minimize the anxiety levels of both parent and child. Transitions can be tough, and I am happy to have that special something that helps alleviate a little bit of the stresses in people of all ages.

Before I worked in daycare, I worked as a certified nursing assistant in hospitals as well as in home care since 1999. 

I feel blessed to be in a position to help people (and my zest for life!) makes working at Bissell Centre a perfect fit.


My name is Senait and I was born in Eritrea, East Africa. I completed high school at Dekemhare Comprehensive Secondary School in Dekemhare, Eritrea. In 2003, I moved to Sudan where I learned to speak Arabic. While living in Sudan I also worked as a babysitter for four children for five years.

I am a Canadian citizen, got married to an agreeable husband, and have been blessed with four beautiful children. I was a stay-at-home mom for eight years where I took good care of my children. I love working with children and spending time with my family!

I joined Bissell Centre Childcare in November 2019.


Hi, my name is Capela and I am Filipino. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy back home. When I moved to Canada, I discovered my passion of working with children as a Child Care Educator. I have more than seven years of experience that has brought so much love and care to Bissell Centre. I decided to pursue the Early Childhood Education at CDI college where I completed my Level 2 Early Childhood Education Certification to expand my knowledge in this field.  Now I am finishing the second last year of my diploma. All in the life of a Child Care Educator!

I am married with two beautiful children. I am very family oriented — which has made my life even more valuable.

A quote that inspires me: “Start each day with a grateful heart.”


Hello everyone, my name is Kulvir and I am from Punjab which is located in the North-Western part of India. I graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing and worked as a Clinical Instructor at a Nursing College for two years. Then came to Canada as an international student in 2018. Here I attended Norquest College for Community Support Worker and Early Learning and Child Care Studies. Since September 2020 I have been working as a Level 2 Early Childhood Educator at Bissell Centre.

I am a kind, hardworking, adaptable, and patient person who enjoys the company of children. I am fond of reading and can speak three languages – English, Punjabi, and Hindi. I also love to spend time with my family, making calls to friends and family, and watching television shows! I believe in an honest living, reciting God’s name, and sharing what we have.


Hello, my name is Eunjung. In 2014 I graduated from Oulton College in Moncton, New Brunswick where I completed my Early Childhood Educator Diploma. I have been working with children for over seven years. I joined Bissell Centre in 2018 and worked as a toddler room educator, and now I am working as an infant room educator.

It is a gift working with children and I enjoy every minute of it. Seeing the children engage in play and explore their surroundings is rewarding and something I always look forward to.

I strive to create a safe and positive community for children to grow and learn through play!


Hi, my name is Idowu. I am a Child Development Supervisor at Bissell Centre’s Early Childhood Development program. I have been in the Early Childhood Education profession for over twelve years. I began this career in Windsor, Ontario after receiving my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and a Child Supervisor Certificate at St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology. I am also certified in Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum -— Play, Participation, and Possibilities (FLIGHT) — at MacEwan University. In addition, I have attended various child development training and workshops to help me set attainable and appropriate goals for supporting children’s progress.

As an experienced child development professional, I am confident in my ability to excel in assisting, planning, preparing, and implementing a high-quality play that is based on developmentally appropriate curriculum for children. This high-quality play helps to foster physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. As we all know, play is the most important work of a child. The learning that happens through play is also self-directed, creative, and authentic. I strive to create a positive learning environment that is responsive, safe, nurturing, and child-centered for you children’s growth and development.

I take great pride and feel privileged in being part of this amazing team that strives for excellence and quality in childcare, while simultaneously promoting a co-operative spirit. This amazing team of educators continue to have a positive impact on children’s growth and learning.


My name is Shaylene and I am delighted to be at Bissell Centre in the role of an Early Childhood Development Resource Worker. I have been committed to impacting the lives of young children in my work in the early learning sector for the past nine years. My core values align with Bissell Centre’s values of respect, collaboration, inclusion, integrity, compassion, accountability, diversity, and empowerment.

My passion is building a strong foundation for learning in the early years of a child that will help support strong families and communities in the future. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta, a Child Development Worker Certification, and in 2020 was awarded a Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education. I am also committed to my professional development. My most impactful professional development was an Early Learning Study Tour in Aotearoa, New Zealand in 2019.

The greatest joy in my life is spending time with my husband, our three children, and our dog. We love to travel and watch movies together!

Each day, I aim to have a positive impact on the important work we do in the Early Childhood Development Program.


Hello, I am Tiffany and love working at Bissell Centre! I am a certified Level 1 Early Childhood Educator, but also have a BSc. Degree in Biology. I am one of the educators in the Preschool room here at Bissell Centre.

Apart from my interest in childcare and my passion for education, I love exploring my creative side. I write poems, paint, and draft up interior design plans and mood boards in my spare time. I am also fascinated by Holistic medicine and try to practice and advocate for self-care in every possible way.

I absolutely love working with children, especially because I can be a co-learner with the children!