Here you’ll find business information about our centre, its objectives and how the organization is run and licenced. If you’re looking for details on the features of our spaces and facility, please go to the Early Childhood Development Program page or take a look at these photos.

Our Child Care Centre Model

Bissell Child Care Centre serves 1,400 children annually and incorporates the “learning through play” model to assist in developing children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and cultural growth.


  • to provide a warm caring environment which will develop your child’s potential creative, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical literacy Skills
  • to provide a safe environment that is a natural progression from home to school
  • to ensure that your child is cared for and is supervised at all times
  • to hire educators that are experienced and well-trained to provide the best childcare and enrichment for your child
  • to provide a communication system that ensures parent to educators contact throughout the program year
  • to set fees that allow the Centre to operate at a full cost recovery basis


Every childcare centre in Alberta is regulated by the Provincial Licensing Standards. Centres are required to meet the mandatory regulations and are visited regularly by a Licensing Officer to ensure they are in compliance. Reports from these visits are posted in your centre and are available for parents to view. Any recommendations from these reports are used as an opportunity to improve the centre.

“Thank you to the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation for providing funding to purchase nutritious food for the children in our care, which will contribute to their overall health and well-being”

We are now accepting applications!
(Limited spaces available)