Early Childhood Development Program

Program Overview

Our program at Bissell’s Child Care Centre is designed to foster improved early childhood development outcomes so your child can get the best possible start to life.

Guided by the Play, Participation, and Possibilities – An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta, our team of Early Childhood Educators plan activities that are fun and enhance the development of the whole child. Although we do not formally teach concepts such as counting, ABC’s and math, the activities that are planned expose the children to all of these concepts and learning happens informally through hands-on activities.

We provide two healthy snacks and a hot lunch throughout the day. We work closely with families to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities.

We have three outdoor play areas to encourage play and plan field trips throughout the summer months, which are included in your costs. Our program also takes great pride in being able to keep parents informed of their child’s learning environment within our centre.

“My son’s social skills were really bad, but he’s learning now. He’s starting to use more syllables than usual, and more words and gestures. It’s gotten easier since coming here.” – Ivy